A Selection from the 5th Çanakkale Biennial “Homeland” is visiting the 6th Thessaloniki Biennial “Imagined Homes”

The 5th edition of the Çanakkale Biennial in 2016, focused on the theme of “Homeland” (Anavatan, Heimat, الوطن, الأم, Patria), with artworks by 42 international artists, in relation to the constant succession of global migrations and flows of refugees and exiles: the imagery and visions of the idea of homeland, which are bound to 20 th -century nationalism and its after-effects.

The 5th Çanakkale Biennial has been canceled 3 weeks prior to its opening due to local political turmoil, but the geographical and conceptual connection that has been developed with the 6th Thessaloniki Biennial made it possible to present a small impression from the artistic content of the unrealized 5th Çanakkale Biennial in the context of “Imagined Homes” of the 6th Thessaloniki Biennial. In this framework, works by Ahmet Elhan, Norayr Kasper, Reysi Kamhi and Sermin Sherif, all developed for the 5th Canakkale Biennial are exhibited in Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

We strongly believe that this collaboration will be a gateway to a long-lasting dialogue between the two Biennials sharing common values such as the power of the artistic expression and a similar geographical aura on the opposite shores of the Aegean Sea.

The 6th Thessaloniki Biennial runs until 14 January 2018 in 4 different venues. More info on 6.thessalonikibiennale

Çanakkale Art Walk 2, has once more reunited the art scenes from Çanakkale and Osnabrück, with the artworks of 40 artist from 17 countries.

The twinhood between Osnabrück and Çanakkale started on the 2004 and facilitated a long term collaboration between the two cities art scenes. Canakkale Art Walk started in 2015 as a result of the ongoing dialogue of the civil societies. In collaboration with BBK Osnabrück the exhibition presented a selection of works from the 3rd and 4rt Canakkale Biennial dispersed in 5 different artist studio in the city.

After the success and public attention that Canakkale Art Walk recieved, the preperation for the second edition started on june 2016. Again initiated by BBK and the support of the municipality of Osnabrück, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Museumsquartier (Felix-Nussbaum-Haus/ Kulturgeschichtliches Museum), Bund Bildender Künstler Osnabrück (BBK) and Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst e.V. joined their forces in order to host Canakkale Art Walk 2. The exhibition curated by Christian Oxenius, has intented on bringing into the realm of Europe, the concept of “Homeland” brought forward by the 5th Canakkale Biennial. Despite the cancellation of the 5th Canakkale Biennial three weeks prior to its opening, Çanakkale Art Walk 2 project has continued its journey.

The conceptual framework developed by Christian Oxenius, aims at opening up to discussion the concept of “homeland” together with every layer of meaning and feeling that surrounds this concept, from national narratives to personal histories.

Çanakkale Art Walk hosted the works of the 5th Çanakkale artists Halil Altındere, Aissa Deebi, Ahmet Elhan, Ghazel, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Birgit Johnsen & Hanna Nielsen, Reysi Kamhi, Eleni Mylonas, Kalliopi Lemos, Ali Mihabri and Boris Mikhailov, together with Jakob Gautel, Jun-Ichiro Ishii, Panos Tsagaris and Viron Erol Vert that participated to its previous editions.

Çanakkale Art Walk 2 is inaugurated on the 6th of June at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück and was open till the 6th of August.

Exhibition venues:
Kunsthalle Osnabrück,
Museumsquartier (Felix-Nussbaum-Haus/ Kulturgeschichtliches Museum),
Bund Bildender Künstler Osnabrück (BBK)
Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst e.V.

Artist list:
Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (TR), Halil Altındere (TR), Zehra Arslan (DE/TR/IL), Jakob and Manila Bartnik (PH/PL), Cana Bilir-Meier (AUT/TR), Burçak Bingöl (TR), Hera Büyüktasçiyan (TR), Aissa Deebi, Ahmet Elhan (TR), Köken Ergun (TR), Petra Fiebig (DE), Jeanno Gaussi (AFN/DE), Jakob Gautel (DE), Aikaterini Gegisian (GR), Ghazel (IRN/FR), JR (FR), Jun-Ichiro Ishii (JP), Pravdoliub Ivanov (BG), Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen (DK), Ahmet Kavas (TR), Katerina Kuznetcowa (RU) und Alexander Edisherov (GEO), Reysi Kamhi (TR/IL) Stefan Tchernboc (DE), Kalliopi Lemos (GR), Ali Mirhabi (TR), Boris Mikhailov (UA), Eleni Mylonas (GR/USA), Felix Nussbaum (DE), Maria Otte (DE), Julie RochCuerrier (CA), Margit Rusert und Christine Vennemann (DE), Hiltrud Schäfer (DE), Joanna Schulte (DE), Soheila Sokhanvari (IRN/UK), Veit Stratmann (FR/DE), Panos Tsagaris (GR), Stefanos Tsivopoulos (GR), Viron Erol Vert (DE/TR), Roberto Voorbij (NL).

With the support of SAHA Association.

More info on: http://caw.bbk-osnabrueck.de/

Çanakkale Biennial: Coordinates

13 February – 8 March 2015
DEPO Istanbul

Artists: Nikita Alexeev (Moscow), Nigol Bezjian (Beirut), Klaus vom Bruch (Berlin), Ayşe Erkmen (Berlin-İstanbul), Aladdin Garunov (Moscow), Jakob Gautel (Paris), Güven İncirlioğlu (İzmir), Grigor Khachatryan (Erivan), Komet (İstanbul), Sıtkı Kösemen (İstanbul), Ulrike Rosenbach (Düsseldorf), Viron Erol Vert (Berlin-İstanbul), Yeni Anıt (Mardin-İstanbul), Ani Setyan (İstanbul), Hakan Kırdar (İzmir)

Curatorial Team: Beral Madra, Seyhan Boztepe, Deniz Erbaş

Presented to the Istanbuli art scene at DEPO, “ÇANAKKALE BIENNIAL: Coordinates” follows the conceptual framework generated by the 3rd and 4th International Çanakkale Biennials, addressing the historical memory which determines Çanakkale’s actual social and cultural texture. The exhibition brings together works that examine universal phenomena such as militarism, mythologies & micro-macro narratives and the monumentalization of history, within the unique context of Çanakkale.

With its grand narratives from Ancient Troy to the Gallipoli Campaign where half a million souls were lost in the first years of WW1, Çanakkale is a city that brings to mind the “phenomenon of war”. Organized in 2014 while the centennial of World War 1 was commemorated worldwide, the 4th International Çanakkale Biennial aimed at openning an artistic and intellectual space which brings forth a critical stance in relation to the problems created by the wars of our times, against the various ideologies that “legendize and sanctify war”. The biennial also intends to make “peace culture & liberty” – the common view of Çanakkale’s ever so supportive and influent civil society and local authority – clearly perceived on a national and international scale.

The selection presented to the İstanbuli audience, takes a look at the city throught the conceptual perspective of the previous two International Çanakkale Biennials, bringing together the work of international artists that probe Çanakkale’s authentic mythologies and corpus cliche via different materials and concepts. The exhibited works focus on militarism and historiography in a broad perspective ranging from the historical and cultural symbols that have come to be identified with Çanakkale since antiquity, to the micro and macro narratives spread across the national and regional geography.

Supporters: Anadolu Kültür, Open Society Foundation, Çanakkale Municipality, ÇATKAV, Avantgarde Collection



“Women and Migration” A Modern Odyssey:
The Memory and Future of Migrant Women

Dynamo Theatre Marseille / FR
Revue Hommes et Migrations Paris / FR
Les Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels / BE
CABININ (Çanakkale Biennial Initiative) Çanakkale / TR
Çanakkale Municipality Çanakkale / TR
Troya Environmental Association Çanakkale / TR
CLOPOT Suceava /RO

The trans-european project “A Modern Odyssey” is a crosscutting interdisciplinary and intergenerational cooperation project funded by the European Comission, featuring artists, cultural operators, youth and civil society of 4 countries. It aimed to:
1. Question the status of migrant women in the European area and the common area of the Mediterranean. It particularly wants to contrast the status of immigrating women arriving in Europe, in order to question the future and the development of the women, without distinction of origin, in the European region. And hence, worldwide. The project, via artistic means (creation of the play and performances) in resonance with the territories and the audiences, suggest a societal concern through a multidisciplinary creation and thus raise awareness about the status of migrant woman in Europe and abroad. The artistic reflection is complemented by debates, workshops and exchanges with citizens throughout the whole project. The projects main activity is the creative writing, filming and visual arts workshops with youth from the 4 partner countries.
2. A parallel work by a network of architects, sociologists and city planners that researchened and exchanged ideas about the means of investing the urban space in order to bring these issues in the debate of the general public via artistic creations. The civil society focused on human and women rights of the respective countries were a part of the overall process. The resulting creations of the youth workshops and the artistic documentations by the artists and workshop animators are brought to public space with a methodology that is based on the outcomes generated by the research network.


1-6 September 2013, Preparatory meeting of all partners

7 Eylül 2013, Public Launching of the Project at Çanakkale

9 December 2013, GO AS FAR AS YOU CAN Performance

8-29 December 2013, Mathias Depardon Photofraphy Exhibition

21-21 December 2013, Opening seminar on “Women and Migration”
In Partnership with “HOMMES ET MIGRATIONS” journal directed by Marie Poinsot
Speakers: Marie Poinsot, Editor in Cheaf of Hommes et Migrations; Feyza Ak Akyol, sociologist, Galatasaray University, Istanbul; Ismail Erten, city planner and architect, Çanakkale; Hasan Turhanlı, sociologist, Çanakkale; Leyla Yavuz, Çanakkale City Councils Working Group on Refugees

December 2013 – June 2014, Art Workshops
With the participation of Fine Arts Highschool and Canakkale University students
The workshops were animated by two writers, ona video artist and one visual artist, and 12 youngster took part during one week of intensive reasearch and formation seminars. A total of 7 migrant women (2 Afghan, 2 Iraki, 1 Iranian, 1 Kurdish, 1 British) were interviewed on their strory of migration.

14-23 June 2014, Exhibition and Performance resulting by workshop presented to the boader public link

20-21 October 2014, Conferance: Woman – Migration – Art – Public Space
In the framework of the 4th Çanakkale Biennial, MAHAL Art Center and Erkan Yavuz Stage
Speakers: Monica Salvan, INALCO,France; Ianup Epureanu, Bucovina Region, sociologist of border police, Romanya; İsmail Erten, city planner and architect, Çanakkale, Turkey; Sedef Ecer, play writer, actress and director, France and Turkey; Joëlle Cattino, director, Dynamo Théâtre art director, France; Michel Bellier, playwriter, France; Seyhan Boztepe, artist, Çanakkale Biennial Founding Director, Turkey; Hasan Turhanlı, sociologist, Turkey; Oral Kaya, Troy Environmental Association President and Annesti International Çanakkale representative, Turkey

12-13 March 2015 – MUCEM – Marseille, Projects Final Symposium, Exhibition and Presentation




Unlimited Areas
“TANDEM Turkey 2011-2012 – Cultural Managers Exchange Program I”
“Art with Mentally Disabled People” Project between intitutions in Paris and Çanakkale

December 2011 – October 2012

As part of the European Project, TANDEM an opportunity has been generated for a group of adults (carrying mental disability such as; autism, trisomy 21 etc.) and art enthusiasts to participate in an international artistic exchange project between France and Turkey. This project realised workshops of visual and performance art (plastic arts, dance and theatre), that run parallel on a chosen common theme for both, Versailles and Canakkale. The project has been led by two associations: PERSONIMAGES in France and CABININ in Turkey. In these workshops, taught by professional artists, the French and Turkish participants were able to express themselves through different art forms on a specific concept, which is decided together. Therefore, throughout the year, participants had the chance to work together and interactively in these interdisciplinary artistic workshops (through meetings, Skype, internet and our BLOG). The workshops started in December 2011 and run until August 2012; therefore at the end of the year the works realised by French and Turkish participants are exposed to the public through international exhibitions. Furthermore, the performances achieved in dance and theater in Versailles and Canakkale are filmed and screened in arts festivals in France and Turkey.
One other important contribution of the project is that professional educators and artists had various opportunities to share their experiences with each other. The objective of this project is not only to create rewarding and challenging links between French and Turkish participants, but also to create an artistic platform for the exchange of international interdisciplinary art projects, including the mentally handicapped. Therefore, the main aim of this project is to develop a creative, enriching and sustainable exchange collaboration, to establish future projects.

Project Team:
Project Manager and Plastics Art Workshops Artist/Educator in France:
Project Manager in Turkey: Seyhan BOZTEPE
Performance Art Workshops Artist/Educator in France: Anne DJEVELEKOVA
Plastic-Art Workshops Artist/Educators in Turkey: Seyhan BOZTEPE, Erdinc ALNIAK and Serpil VESEK
Performance Art Workshops Artist/Educator in Turkey: Hakan YAVAS
Project Coordinator in France: Marie-Thérèse DEFRETIN
Project Coordinator in Turkey: Ismail ERTEN
Filmmaker in France and Turkey: Esra “Bobbie” G. PERTAN
Production Assistant in France and Turkey: Elâ NUROGLU
Project Assistant in France: Bénédicte De MALEPRADE
Project Assistants in Turkey: Dogan TURKOGLU, Gunes Ece ERTEN
Workshop Coordinator /Paris: Françoise De La FOREST DIVONNE
Workshop Coordinator /Versailles: Isabelle COURAUD
The Project Staff in Turkey: Sukran CORAPCIOGLU, Hasan GULBAY, Deniz KURSAD, Tuncay ALPI, Serdal OZUSAGLAM
Trainees: Valerie LEGRAND and Sylvie LAGACHE
Executive Assistant in Turkey: Didem GUNDOGAN
Consultants n Turkey: Didem CATAL, Savas VESEK
Graphic Design: Serdar Negir
Technical Assistant: Yildirim SAHINER

Supporters of TANDEM Project: European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kultur (Istanbul), Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul), Stiftung Mercator (Essen)

Supporters of Unlimited Areas Project: TANDEM Project (Berlin-Istanbul), Mavitay (Canakkale), Akol Hotel (Canakkale), Academy of Dreams-Dusler Akademisi (Istanbul), Governor of Canakkale (Canakkale), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Canakkale), TON TV (Canakkale), The Daily Olay (Canakkale), Troia International Film Festival (Canakkale), 3rd Asnieres International Festival “Artists With No Frontiers” (Paris), Association “Artists With No Frontiers” (Paris / Asnières)


ÇANAKKALE 2010 PROJECT run trough the year between 01 January and 31 December 2010

Nurtured by its participatory tradition open to debate, and treating the year 2010 as a new beginning, Çanakkale proposed the idea of Çanakkale 2010 in order to place the cultural policy debate on the agenda of the city and to disseminate culture and art activities across the whole of the city. This idea, which was proposed during meetings organized within the scope of the Strategies for Local Cultural Policies project was transformed into a year-long project with the participation of civil initiatives, local administrations and the university. Throughout the year, a dynamic culture and arts scene was created for all citizens with events that were free of charge. The people of Çanakkale discussed and focused on the problems of the city with artists, writers and urban planners from out of town, and voiced and shared their proposals and complaints. Citizens came together not only to share but also to produce, creating an opportunity for urban actors to act together.

Çanakkale 2010 was organized around two main areas of events. The first of these was the city debates, realized under the title 12 Months/12 Themes. A debate meeting was organized every month in order to form the city’s cultural policies in a participatory manner and to form a debate platform in the city, and a manifesto was prepared. The second area was to bring together the contiuing or planned events in the city around the 12 themes that were determined, in order to increase the debate and art activity in the city. From January to December 2010 citizens debated the themes Movement, Communication, Urban Identity and Awareness, Tourism, Ceramics and Art in the City, Rural City and Agricultural Economy, Water, Participation and Coexistence, Peace, Cultural Heritage, Public Spaces and Pluralism. The project that began in January 2010 came to a close on 31 December. In view of the participatory experience created by the Çanakkale 2010 project, in November 2010, the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) network that has its center in Barcelona elected the project as an example of international good practice.

Çanakkale 2010, has been organised by Anadolu Kultur supervision and local civil initiatives decision making and with the support and collaboration of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affaires MATRA Program, Çanakkale Municipality, Governorship of Çanakkale, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.

Project Team:
Local Cultural Policies Project Coordinator: Ülkü Zümray Kutlu
Project Coordinator: İsmail Erten
Art Directors: International Çanakkale Biennial (Seyhan Boztepe and Ezgi Yemenicioğlu Negir)
Cultural Directors: Bahattin Köylü and Erdinç Alnıak
Communication Directors: Eyüp Görgüler and Didem Gürdoğan

Special Thanks:
Deniz Giray, Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan, Binnur Zengin Berkholz, Kubilay Özmen, Bige Örer, Esra Aysun, Çiğdem Mater, Aslı Çarkoğlu, Eylem Ertürk, Ayça İnce, Gamze Hızlı, Deniz Ünsal, Philipp Dietachmair, Marianna Kajantie, Corina Racenau, Jordi Pascual, Liz Amado, Nesra Gürbüz, Tamar Nalcı, Carol LaMotte, Meltem Aslan, Şengül Ertürk