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SinemaDans Festival that is organised since 3 years in Ankara, visited Çanakkale between the 3rd and 5th of March 2017.

SinemaDans Festival aims of creating awareness about the dance film genre which is a product of the interdisciplinary cooperation of cinema and dance, forming a platform for artists that produce dance films, and providing access to the most recent samples of this genre from all around the world. This has been the first time that the festival visited another city.

The festival in Çanakkale started with the projection of the “Passion: Meriç Sümen” documentary, with the presence of the Meriç Sürmen as the honorary guest of the festival. This was the occasion for this worldwide known leading ballerina to share her experience about her passion for dance.

The two days screening program consisted of recent examples of dance films and videos from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey. The highlight of the festival was “MR. GAGA” documentary directed by Tomer Heyman, that tells the story of the world’s leading careographers Ohad Naharin; the inventor of the new dance form “Gaga”.

The last day of the festival, a selection of dance films from Turkey is presented in the framework of the “spectators choice” contest. The winner was Cem Yigit Üzümoğlu’s 2016 film entitled ” The Falling (Düşüş)”.

Parallel to the festival, a dance video workshop by Mehmet Şafak Türkel, is organized in cooperation with the Communication Faculty of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. The resulting video piece produced by students is screened at the end of the festival. The festival is closed with a dance performance by Murat Özdemir and Esra Yurttut.


Festival supporters: Goethe ınstıtut Ankara, Ares Film, General Consulate of Israel, Cinedans, Tanzrauschene.V. Wuppertal, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and CABININ
Local sponsors: PARION Book-Cafe, Troia Dans Studio, Jack’n Pub and Duvar/DuvarDibi