“Women and Migration” A Modern Odyssey:
The Memory and Future of Migrant Women

Dynamo Theatre Marseille / FR
Revue Hommes et Migrations Paris / FR
Les Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels / BE
CABININ (Çanakkale Biennial Initiative) Çanakkale / TR
Çanakkale Municipality Çanakkale / TR
Troya Environmental Association Çanakkale / TR
CLOPOT Suceava /RO

The trans-european project “A Modern Odyssey” is a crosscutting interdisciplinary and intergenerational cooperation project funded by the European Comission, featuring artists, cultural operators, youth and civil society of 4 countries. It aimed to:
1. Question the status of migrant women in the European area and the common area of the Mediterranean. It particularly wants to contrast the status of immigrating women arriving in Europe, in order to question the future and the development of the women, without distinction of origin, in the European region. And hence, worldwide. The project, via artistic means (creation of the play and performances) in resonance with the territories and the audiences, suggest a societal concern through a multidisciplinary creation and thus raise awareness about the status of migrant woman in Europe and abroad. The artistic reflection is complemented by debates, workshops and exchanges with citizens throughout the whole project. The projects main activity is the creative writing, filming and visual arts workshops with youth from the 4 partner countries.
2. A parallel work by a network of architects, sociologists and city planners that researchened and exchanged ideas about the means of investing the urban space in order to bring these issues in the debate of the general public via artistic creations. The civil society focused on human and women rights of the respective countries were a part of the overall process. The resulting creations of the youth workshops and the artistic documentations by the artists and workshop animators are brought to public space with a methodology that is based on the outcomes generated by the research network.


1-6 September 2013, Preparatory meeting of all partners

7 Eylül 2013, Public Launching of the Project at Çanakkale

9 December 2013, GO AS FAR AS YOU CAN Performance

8-29 December 2013, Mathias Depardon Photofraphy Exhibition

21-21 December 2013, Opening seminar on “Women and Migration”
In Partnership with “HOMMES ET MIGRATIONS” journal directed by Marie Poinsot
Speakers: Marie Poinsot, Editor in Cheaf of Hommes et Migrations; Feyza Ak Akyol, sociologist, Galatasaray University, Istanbul; Ismail Erten, city planner and architect, Çanakkale; Hasan Turhanlı, sociologist, Çanakkale; Leyla Yavuz, Çanakkale City Councils Working Group on Refugees

December 2013 – June 2014, Art Workshops
With the participation of Fine Arts Highschool and Canakkale University students
The workshops were animated by two writers, ona video artist and one visual artist, and 12 youngster took part during one week of intensive reasearch and formation seminars. A total of 7 migrant women (2 Afghan, 2 Iraki, 1 Iranian, 1 Kurdish, 1 British) were interviewed on their strory of migration.

14-23 June 2014, Exhibition and Performance resulting by workshop presented to the boader public link

20-21 October 2014, Conferance: Woman – Migration – Art – Public Space
In the framework of the 4th Çanakkale Biennial, MAHAL Art Center and Erkan Yavuz Stage
Speakers: Monica Salvan, INALCO,France; Ianup Epureanu, Bucovina Region, sociologist of border police, Romanya; İsmail Erten, city planner and architect, Çanakkale, Turkey; Sedef Ecer, play writer, actress and director, France and Turkey; Joëlle Cattino, director, Dynamo Théâtre art director, France; Michel Bellier, playwriter, France; Seyhan Boztepe, artist, Çanakkale Biennial Founding Director, Turkey; Hasan Turhanlı, sociologist, Turkey; Oral Kaya, Troy Environmental Association President and Annesti International Çanakkale representative, Turkey

12-13 March 2015 – MUCEM – Marseille, Projects Final Symposium, Exhibition and Presentation